Theology of Work Project Resources Available in Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)

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Theology of Work Project (TOW) is pleased to announce that a growing library of TOW resources is now available for free in Chinese at (Traditional) and (Simplified). Pastors, seminaries, and working Christians use TOW resources to connect the Bible and God’s kingdom with everyday work. The Chinese site includes the Theology of Work Bible Commentary, which explores what every book of the Bible has to say to us about work.

TOW has also developed partnerships with Hong Kong Professional & Educational Services Ltd. (HKPES) and the China Graduate School of Theology (CGST). Thanks to these partners, TOW’s most-read article, Calling: a Biblical Perspective, is now available in Chinese. In addition, they are helping to expand TOW’s offerings by providing articles and videos that cover topics such as workplace relationships, career planning, and more. These resources equip working Christians to follow Jesus in the workplace.

TOW’s Chinese board leadership includes representatives from the United States and Hong Kong. Current board members are: Elder Elaine Kung (Chair), Dr. Jean Lee (Hong Kong), and Rev. Dr. Herbert Wu (USA). They have collective experience in business, theological studies, and education, as well as passion to see the body of Christ thriving in the workplace. (Their biographies are available here.) TOW is currently seeking Chinese board members from Taiwan and Singapore. If you would like to nominate a board member, please send their name and resume to ElaineKung [at]

We hope you’ll share the free resources at (Traditional) and (Simplified) with your Chinese Christian community.

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