Theology of Work Project Resources Available in Portuguese

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We are excited to let you know that Theology of Work Project resources are now available for free in Portuguese at The site includes the Theology of Work Bible Commentary, our cornerstone resource used by pastors, seminaries, and everyday working Christians. (The complete translation of the Bible commentary will be available later in 2024. For now, you can enjoy multiple books from the Old and New Testaments.)

We are grateful for the work and support of the Lausanne Movement Brazil, who provided translation for an article and devotional content. Paulo Humaitá, an entrepreneur and part of Lausanne Movement Brazil, said, "I couldn’t emphasize more how important having Biblical-rooted theology of work material available in Portuguese [is] for Brazilians as most of the population don’t speak English, and it is crucial. It’s key for the future of not only Brazil, but I would say, for the global church.”

We are also thankful for our partnership with Spfio, who assisted with the translation of the Bible commentary.

If you know someone interested in connecting the Bible and work in Portuguese, please take a moment to let them know about the resources at