Servant Leadership: August 16 Newsletter

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Servant leadership may be a corporate buzzword, but few people know how to practice it at work. It’s more than just being helpful and nice. It’s deeply rooted in Jesus’ care for relationships. As our founder Howard Butt Jr. said, “An organization will not become healthy in terms of human relationships without leadership that puts a priority on human relationships.” Read this week’s reflections to learn from the original servant leader, Jesus.

P.S. Check out our 5-day devotional on servant leadership!

A Life’s Usefulness

From The High Calling

How might your life be affected if servanthood were part of your job description?

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New Corporate Strategy, Ancient Biblical Concept

From The High Calling

Servant leadership is such a paradox that Jesus continually had to teach it to his disciples.

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Servant Leadership

From the Theology of Work Project

Godly work is performed for the benefit of others, not merely for the fulfillment of ourselves.

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