When Serving Your Country is Your Job: May 24 Newsletter

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Next Monday the U.S. celebrates Memorial Day as a day to remember those who have died in military service. No matter your thoughts on what kinds of wars should be fought and where, the dedication and difficult work of those who serve in the armed forces is undeniable. This week, we offer prayers for them and hear their stories.

A Prayer for Memorial Day

From The High Calling

We ask for the growth of peace throughout our world today, so that fewer and fewer men and women will have to sacrifice their lives. Read more

Kris Fuhr: West Point grad, Marketing Director, Mother, Military Wife

From The High Calling

Many of the leadership principles they ask for in the military are principles of faith: treat others as you want to be treated . . . be honest and upright . . . set the example . . . don't ask others to do what you won't do yourself. Read more

John the Baptist Teaches Workplace Ethics

From the Theology of Work Project

John’s instruction to these soldiers is to bring justice to a system deeply marked by injustice. We should not underestimate how difficult that would have been. Read more