Sample Sermons to Introduce Faith and Work

Article / Produced by TOW Project
Sermon series notes

1. Working in The Spirit - A Sermon Series by Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson sketches out the basics of a theology of work through these 3 introductory sermons.

2. Gifts for Blue Collar Workers: A Sermon Series by Kent Duncan

4 sermons for blue collar workers from Duncan's thesis on facilitating marketplace ministry in blue collar churches.

3. Joseph at Work - a Sermon Series by Alistair Mackenzie

4 sermons by Alistair Mackenzie illustrate how to explore workplace themes through an Old Testament story.

4. Monday Morning Faith - A Sermon Series by Bill Peel

Help church goers take their faith to work on Monday with sermons like these 3

5. Seeing and Reflecting God - A Sermon Series by Todd Bolsinger

A 3-sermon series on seeing God reflected as 1) Worker, 2) Protector, 3) Craftsman and Artist

6. Hard Work - A Sermon Series by DJ Reed

A 3-sermon series on hard work: Is it a curse? What's good about it? And how can you rest from it?