“How Does Your Work Serve Others?” - Scott Wesley

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Scott Wesley participates in an organization that provides meaningful help to people in extremely difficult circumstances, and it's great to hear about the work they are doing. Organizations like the Work/Faith Connection can make a huge difference in people's lives.

But what about those of us who may not work for non-profit, missional organizations? Not everyone is called to do the kind of work that Scott does, but aren't we called to the same purpose? How do we navigate in an environment that isn't explicitly geared towards service?

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TRANSCRIPT: The Work/Faith Connection is an organization that our primary focus is giving people the opportunity to work---people with barriers to employment, such as a criminal background, people that have been living in homeless situations, or people that are just transitioning out of drug recovery. We connect with people at a very challenging point in their lives and then try to use that as an opportunity to encourage them in their faith. So, the fact that someone might not have a job and they're a little destitute and they're a little bit depressed---helping them through that transition, helping them to get a job, to present themselves as a viable candidate for employment, and then at the same time trying to help them focus their eyes on God, and trying to give them some Scriptural basis for why they should go to work and why they should be encouraged and why that they should have a positive attitude, all of that together helps them in their walk of faith.